Compositions of photos and writings

Abilene Texas

A week in Texas

Here in Canada, when we think about Texas we think cowboys with guns shooting at each other, we imagine a person accidentally crossing someone’s land and getting shot for it.

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Jean-Francois Brideau The backalleys

The back alleys on Leica

I was on instagram waisting time looking at photos and there was one person who displayed photographs that I really enjoyed. The colors and the overall feel of the images were soft yet sharp, with some sort of sense of being lost or like they had a touch of cream.

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abandoned america in Georgia

Abandoned America

What captures my attention the most is the feeling I get when driving through small towns and country roads and seeing an America lost and forgotten.

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Jean-François Brideau - Photography

Blown away by Bombay Beach

2 days to kill in Southern California so we decided to start riding down towards Yuma and we stumbled upon this very strange place that evidently had a history of better days.

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